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Shelley talks about cutting edge skin care treatments and products that truly make a change instead of just taking the change out of your pocket. She also fills you in on how to use the Law of Attraction to create a fabulous life.

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Shelley Hancock - Shelley's Show and Tell

Shelley Hancock

Licensed Esthetician since 1988
Skin Care Owner since 1990

Shelley Hancock, (a.k.a ‘The Gadget Gal’), is one of the most trusted esthetic advisors of our time and Founder of Shelley Hancock Consulting, an organization dedicated to helping estheticians transform their esthetic businesses.

A highly sought after seasoned esthetician (licensed since 1988) and skin care guru, Shelley is the owner of the Real Transformation Center in Capistrano Beach, California, a boutique spa and skin care studios specializing in anti-aging, corrective facial skin care and Hollywood’s latest passion… the OxyGeneo™ Super Facial.

 A contributing writer for Skin Deep, DermaScope and Day Spa Magazines, as well as her monthly Skin trends column for Orange County magazine. Hancock is considered a ‘go-to authority’ on esthetics in Southern California.

Shelley Hancock talks about the Power of Being Positive