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The New Science of Super Awareness Book

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Shelley Hancock - Lipobelt


Here’s how cryotherapy benefits you:

  • Stimulates and optimizes collagen production within deep layers of the skin
  • Temporarily improves the appearance of cellulite
  • Increases firmness of crepey abdomens and sagging upper arms
  • Improves the smoothness and firmness of the thighs
  • Minimizes swelling by increasing the body’s anti-inflammatory response (great liposuction post op!)
  • Improves skin tone

I’ve been using the Lipobelt daily for about 5 weeks now and my menapouch looks so much better!! I’ve also been doing my arms and the tone looks great…I’m ready for short sleeves this Summer.

You’ve heard of treatments in the Doctors office that freeze the fat cells…..yep, that’s what were doing! I’m loving the Lipobelt!

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